Hot Hatha Yoga Etiquette Tips:

A physical and mental discipline as ancient and beautiful as yoga comes with a traditional level of implied and specified etiquette. It is the sincere hope of any teacher and devoted practitioner to see all fellow yogis observe the same unwritten proprieties. Proper etiquette shows respect for the yoga and leads to greater respect of self and therefore of others.

1 ~Be on time to every class

Our instructors shut and lock the studio door promptly as class begins.  Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start of class.  If it is your first time at the studio we recommend arriving at least 15 min prior to the start of class.  This gives you and those around you the best opportunity to have a great class. You should be on your mat, focused and ready to practice before the teacher enters the room.

2 ~ No children in class or unsupervised in the studio

Bikram Hot Yoga is not recommended for any person who’s sweat glands aren’t fully matured (this usually happens around age 14).  Bikram Yoga Maui and it’s staff members are not insured or licensed to watch children. As a rule, children under the age or 14 are not permitted at the studio during class.

3 ~ Turn off cell phones before entering the studio

In this era of constant electronic noise, the yoga room may be the only opportunity for individuals to have some peace and quiet.  Cell phones and other electronic devices should not be used anywhere within the studio and should not be brought into the yoga room unless there is a unique circumstance and also with the teachers permission.

4 ~ Wear proper yoga clothing and bring your own mat and towel

Please wear clothing that will not reveal private parts to your fellow yogis when you are inverted, twisted, or drenched in sweat.  Ladies should wear hot yoga specific athletic clothing (not underwear or bikinis). Men should wear non see-through yoga specific shorts or athletic shorts with a supportive liner (not underwear).

We provide mats and towels for travelers, new students and members who have forgotten, but for hygiene reasons it is preferred that you bring your own clean yoga mat and large yoga towel. We do offer shower towels for rent.

5 ~ Mind personal hygiene

Sometimes space in the room is limited and you may need to practice close to your fellow yogis. Heat and sweat will accentuate any body odor or any perfume/cologne.  If necessary, rinse before class, use mouth wash, wear clean yoga clothes, bring a clean mat and towel and have clean dry feet.  If you have been barefoot outside then wash your feet. We all perspire in yoga, but if you are an exceptionally heavy sweater consider changing towels half way through class. Bring a bag for your wet clothes.


6 ~ Talk quietly in common areas and observe silence in the yoga room

The teacher is the only person who should speak in class. If a question comes up please wait until the class is over.  We will be happy to answer any and all questions you have.

It is the goal of the studio to create a sense of community among the students. Please socialize outside of the yoga room and maintain a quiet conversational tone elsewhere in the studio.

7 ~ Sign in and pay without a reminder

Please remember to sign in (PRINT) neatly, even if you are a frequent student. Make your payment for retail and for class without a reminder from the teacher. If you do not know the status of you account or class package please ask the teacher at sign in.

8 ~ Enter the yoga room and Settle in quietly

Set up your practice space quietly and respectfully and do not set up directly in front of someone blocking their mirror view. If it is a full class please cooperate with those around you so everyone can see themselves. Bring only your mat, towel and water (in a non-breakable container) into the room. Everything else is a distraction and should be left in the locker room.

9 ~Follow the instructions and practice only the specified postures

No matter what your experience level is you should follow the direction of the teacher and stay in unison with the rest of the class. Working ahead of the class or doing your own postures and nontraditional modifications is a sign of disrespect for the teacher. Let the teacher know before class if you have specific issues that will affect your execution of the yoga postures. If you do not know how to modify a specific posture for your own ability then sit or stand quietly and ask the teacher after class for next time. It is not expected that you do every posture and it is perfectly fine to stand still or sit quietly if you are not doing a specific posture for any reason. Most studios have ballet bars on the side or back wall to use for balance if you are struggling with a standing posture. You should never practice with your back to the teacher.

10~ Respect your fellow Yogis and Yourself

Maintain a calm and focused practice. Do your best to breath quietly and calmly. Avoid distracting movements or sounds and drink water only when others are not balancing or in the middle of a posture. If you must leave class please leave and re-enter in between postures while there is stillness in the room.

If you happen to have a cold or the flu please refrain from coming to class until it has passed.  Nobody else wants your cold!

11 ~ Observe silence during Savasana

Practice silence and stillness during Savasana and however tempted you may be to leave early, resist the urge. This is where your practice assimilates and the results of hard work, discipline and concentration are infused with repose so well-deserving and so necessary. This last pose seals your practice and prepares you for the rest of your day or evening. Please respect your fellow yogis and leave class quietly so that they may enjoy their final meditation.